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Things You Did Not Know About Project Management

Knowing the type of software is an important step to ensure that when purchasing, you only buy what you require. There are some productivity software programmes in the market out there. Before deciding to purchase one, it is important to evaluate your needs so that you buy a programme that will satisfy them.


  1. Word processor

This programme appears in most office suites. It allows the end-users to jot down, redo, and structure the messages accordingly. The word processor has such features as the dictionary, grammar check and fonts. The information can be easily shared using emails through social networking sites.


  1. Spreadsheet

The programme is meant to handle numerical data. It has features like calculators, formulas that can be used to manipulate data to meet certain needs. The use of visual information like graphs and charts are important when presenting information.


  1. Slide presentations

It entails preparing some documents that will be organized in a sequential manner. It is an important way of sharing ideas through slide show presentations or web browsers.


  1. Database management/ relational databases

The software has mechanisms of categorizing data and storing it accordingly. When reporting the data, you do it according to the sections available. The software is customized to meet various client needs.


  1. Desktop publisher

The programme is meant to assist those who might want to publish various documents using their machines. It has various graphical information that can be manipulated to satisfy various needs of users. Users have the opportunity of publishing documents like cards, brochures, website pages and greeting cards.


  1. Drawing/Graphic Software

Arts use this programme to form visual images. The programme uses various tools like stylus and mouse to create visual representations. Images are manipulated using either a Raster Editor or a Vector image editor.


  1. Math/ Formula editor

These are small ads-on software using the word or OneNote. It enables users to write formulas as text which then allows them to communicate mathematical logics.


  1. Personal organizer

These programs enable users to prepare their lists and organize them properly to enable them to meet their targets. The programme is tuned to work in sync with the use’s email client programme.


  1. Project management

The software is supposed to enable the project managers to manage large teams involved in project implementation.


  1. Diagramming

This is a type of drawing software that enables the presentation of architectural drawings and organizational chart structures. It is mainly used to offer visual communication.


  1. PDF

This application enables the users to turn texts into pictures that cannot be manipulated. It also enables users to read the text without straining.